Purina Proplan Sterilised; with salmon, 1 kg-10 kg

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Feed for cats with salmon.

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Purina ProPlan for Neutered Cats with Salmon is a specially formulated food to keep spayed cats healthy and fit. It contains a balanced array of nutrients, including high quality salmon proteins, to help maintain healthy muscles and provide optimal energy levels.

The food also contains certain additives that help control weight by maintaining a healthy body weight for the cat. It also contains antioxidants that help boost your cat’s immune system as well as maintain a healthy urinary system.

All in all, Purina ProPlan for Spayed Cats with Salmon is a high quality food designed to support the health and well-being of spayed cats. It offers a rich and balanced nutrient profile that helps cats maintain optimal health and energy throughout their lives.

Ingredients: dried salmon (20%), cornmeal, animal fat, ground fiber, vegetable protein extract, vegetable oil, brewer’s yeast, minerals, trace elements, sodium di- and triphosphates.

Feeding recommendations:

Cat weight, kg Gram per day
2-4 30-60
4-6 60-90
6-8 90-120
8+ 120+

It is recommended to divide the daily portion of food into 2-3 meals. The cat should be provided with access to fresh water throughout the day. Food should be stored in a dry place at room temperature.


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Purina Proplan Sterilised; with salmon, 1 kg-10 kg

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