SaniCat Diamonds Citric “Silica gel Filler”, 5 LT


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SaniCat Diamonds “Silica gel Filler”

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The silica gel filler for the cat toilet Sanicat Diamonds is simple and convenient to use. Therefore, it is ideal for cat owners who tend to spend as little time as possible cleaning the tray. Thanks to the special composition, the filler is so light and almost does not dust. The filler absolutely does not stick to the delicate cat’s paws, and your house always remains clean and hygienic.

The filler Sanicat Diamonds Citric is characterized by high absorption and reliably eliminates unpleasant odors. Odors are neutralized in a matter of seconds, urine and germs do not spread outside the tray. Filler granules retain the smell for a long time and, thanks to the multitude of micropores, instantly absorb moisture and effectively keep it inside. Therefore, the filler in the tray always remains dry. Small pellets will not cause discomfort to delicate cat paws.


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SaniCat Diamonds Citric "Silica gel Filler", 5 LT