Purina ProPlan Medium Adult; with lamb, 1 kg-3 kg-14 kg

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Feed for adult dogs, with lamb.

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General information: This is a complete and balanced food for adult dogs of medium breeds. It contains 19% animal proteins and 12% fats. Without the addition of artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives.

Ingredients: lamb, wheat bran, dried poultry protein, animal fats, wheat gluten, corn starch, corn gluten, rice, minerals, dried sugar beet pulp, egg yolk, yeast.

Feeding recommendations:

Weight of Dog (kg) Grams per day (normal) Grams per day (active lifestyle) Grams per day (very active lifestyle)
1-5 35-110 45-140 55-170
5-10 110-180 140-240 170-295
10-25 180-335 240-445 295-550
25-35 335-430 445-570 550-705
35-45 430-515 570-685 705-840
45-70 515-720 685-955 840-1175

It is recommended to divide the daily portion into two to three equal parts and feed it to the dog throughout the day. Make sure your dog always has access to fresh water. Always follow the instructions on the food packaging.


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Purina ProPlan Medium Adult; with lamb, 1 kg-3 kg-14 kg

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