Static grooming dryer, 2800 W


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Static grooming dryer

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A static grooming dryer with a power of 2800 W is a professional tool designed for drying and styling the fur of dogs, cats, and other pets. With its high power of 2800 W, this dryer provides fast and efficient drying of fur, reducing the time required for the grooming process.

One of the key features of the static dryer is its stationary positioning, which allows for convenient and ergonomic work with the animal during drying. The dryer is equipped with adjustable nozzles and buttons for speed and temperature settings, allowing you to choose optimal drying parameters depending on the type of fur and grooming requirements.

The high power of the dryer allows for quick drying of even dense and long fur, as well as creating the desired style and volume when creating hairstyles. The dryer is also equipped with an overheating protection system, ensuring safety during operation.

The compact size and lightweight of the dryer make it convenient to use and store. It can be used in professional grooming salons or at home for taking care of the fur of domestic pets.


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Static grooming dryer, 2800 W

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