Bayer Advocate “Remedy for scabies mites, fleas, worms” for Dogs from 4 kg to 10 kg

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Advocate® for dogs weighing from 4 kg to 10 kg for scabies mites, fleas, worms.

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Advocate drops for dogs is an antiparasitic drug with a wide spectrum of action. Veterinarians say that the Advocate for dogs is effective against:

  • Fleas;
  • Dirtworms;
  • Ticks causing otodectosis;
  • Dirophilariae;
  • As well as nematodeosis at the adult and larval stages.

Specialists recommend using Advocate for dogs, the instructions for which are included in each package, as a combined treatment for the treatment and prevention of most parasitic diseases.

Advocate drops for dogs, whose instructions contain clear recommendations on the dosage and method of application, should be applied to intact, clean and dry skin of the pet.

To treat otodectosis, it is recommended to clean the auricle and apply the required amount of the drug.

The number of pips of Advocate from fleas for dogs should be determined based on the weight of the animal, as well as the severity of its condition and the presence of contraindications, concomitant diseases and allergic reactions.

For the treatment of nematodeosis the drug should be used once a month, and for preventive purposes once a month.


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Bayer Advocate "Remedy for scabies mites, fleas, worms" for Dogs from 4 kg to 10 kg

25,70  / 1 PC