Nature’s Protection Puppy; with veal, 200 gr


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Grain-free wet food with veal in a gentle broth for puppies.

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Nature’s Protection

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Grain-free wet food with veal in a gentle broth for puppies. Contains simple, easily digestible ingredients that ensure excellent physical condition, healthy growth and proper development of your new family member.

  • Provides a high-energy, protein-rich diet consisting of 70% meat suitable for human consumption
  • Thanks to the gentle preparation process, all components of the food retain maximum beneficial properties and natural taste, which is especially important for picky pets
  • A special supplement in the form of the MicroZeoGen mineral promotes better absorption of microelements, neutralization of toxins, maintaining the synthesis of collagen cells and excellent well-being of the animal
  • Contains only meat, broth and minerals, everything is served in the form of finely chopped juicy and appetizing pieces
  • Contains vitamins and minerals that comprehensively heal and strengthen the puppy’s body
  • No added preservatives, bone meal, soy or grain additives, flavor enhancers, flavorings, or mechanically separated meat
  • Suitable for puppies intolerant to chicken or grains

Feeding recommendations:

Weight of adult dog, kg Грамм в день
1 90
5 200
10 350
20 500
30 600


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Nature's Protection Puppy; with veal, 200 gr